Saturday, July 30, 2011

'kaliya mardhan'

'Lord Vishnu and Arjun'

'mother of creation'

she is the world!

I believe that we are all here "mainly" because of the form that held us tight and safe for 9 months. And i think, that is power! the power that can nurture a seed and groom it to a tree. "the power to endure the creation". My sentence hardly made it sound as impactful or magnificent as it actually is in its real nature. we all know it and we all have experienced it unknowingly. the world functions because of her, the world exists in her. in-fact she is the world!

'gorgeous has just been colored'

'fertile mind'


guys here is another one in the kaam dev series. I wanted to explore the other aspect of kaam dev. so thought of picking up lust as the subject. the arrow of lust pierce's through the mortals skin and blossoms from within. thats what i wanna to portray through this illo. hope it justifies the theme. :)

'kaam dev' the lord of love

hey guys! another add on to the indian gods series. This time its the lord of love "kaam dev". :) kaam dev is infusing love in to a beautiful woman through his lotus arrow.



narasimha is one of the incarnations of god vishnu who is the form of volcanic fierce and (absolute)anger. the scriptures say that he appeared to kill Hiranyakashipu the father of Prahlada a devoted follower of god vishnu. Hiranyakashipu asked prahlada "where does vishnu dwell"? to this prahlada answered that god is everywhere! and in anger hiranyakashipu screams "if your god is there in this pillar let him come out and fight with me!!! he breaks the pillar and from the pillar narasimha appears and kills him. His extreme anger didn't stop even after killing hiranyakashipu. So the deva's ran to vishnu's wife lakshmi to help the situation. the scriptures say that lakshmi came down to bring him back to his normal self. (woman power!!!) to continue with the rudra form of shiv here is narasimha another rudra(anger) form. :)

"ardhanarishwar" The god of equality.

I am sure most of the people from india know who "Ardhanarishwar" is! But for those who don't know, he is god shiv who gave his half to his wife Paarvathi to show this world that men and women are equals. And the concept of having features and characteristics of man and woman in the same body fascinated me. I didn't hesitate to materialize it. i still feel that there is room for improvement in this. have a look!