Saturday, July 30, 2011


narasimha is one of the incarnations of god vishnu who is the form of volcanic fierce and (absolute)anger. the scriptures say that he appeared to kill Hiranyakashipu the father of Prahlada a devoted follower of god vishnu. Hiranyakashipu asked prahlada "where does vishnu dwell"? to this prahlada answered that god is everywhere! and in anger hiranyakashipu screams "if your god is there in this pillar let him come out and fight with me!!! he breaks the pillar and from the pillar narasimha appears and kills him. His extreme anger didn't stop even after killing hiranyakashipu. So the deva's ran to vishnu's wife lakshmi to help the situation. the scriptures say that lakshmi came down to bring him back to his normal self. (woman power!!!) to continue with the rudra form of shiv here is narasimha another rudra(anger) form. :)

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